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Hiring for Corporate Event Trainers

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Come join the best Event Management Institute in Delhi and give your career the leverage of one of the most innovative & successful college platform.

IIEM is the only Event Management Institute where we focus on every individual's needs and aspirations through personalized schedule. We believe in empowering the skills of our students to help them stand tough in today's competitive world.

Our Methodology

Basic Event Training- Event Workshops-Event Practicals-Projects-Industry Facilitated Guest Lectures-Project Work-Communication and Grooming Sessions-Placements.

Above mentioned is the basic flow & teaching methodology of our Event Management course. At IIEM, our curriculum, books, and syllabus are constantly revised on a yearly basis in order to give new approaches, skills and techniques in all aspects of Media, Marketing and Events to our faculties and students. This also keeps our faculty upgraded and updated with all the recent occurrences in the industry in order to give students more relevant and up to date knowledge compared to other colleges.

At IIEM, our highly skilled and qualified expert faculties will guide all the students and help them develop the right skills needed for Event Planning & Event Management.


Impact Institute of Event Management (IIEM), offers full-time program: degrees and diplomas which are accredited and awarded by Singhania University, having accreditations from the university recognized courses, which accredits Event Management Programs across India under the university recognized courses. In addition, our courses are certified from multiple education bodies and councils.

Choose Your Own Specialization

At IIEM, we provide specialization to all our students in their area of choice such as PR, Corporate Communications, Wedding Planning, Exhibition Management, Sports Management, Concert Management etc that helps the students to gain advanced training in their chosen field and hence an edge over the other college students.

Why Event Management?

Event Industry is one of the largest growing industries in India with a growth rate of more than 15%. Organized events industry is expected to reach to INR 5, 779 crores by 2016 - 17.

If you are a professional in any of the below field! Motivated to share what you have got

  • Corporate Trainers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Production Heads
  • Event Designers
  • Sports Events Managers
  • Celebrity Managers
  • Catering Head
  • Business Development Managers
  • Advertising Professional
  • Media and Public Relation personnel


IIEM students are bestowed once again with the opportunity to work with Best Film Awards In Asia, the annual National Film Awards, to honour the best films of 2016 in the Indian cinema. The awards ceremony will be held on 3 May 2017.

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Corporate Conference Visits 2017

Corporate Conference Visits 2017

Student Reviews

Internship Certificates

Our Placements

1.What makes IIEM a prominent event management institute in Delhi?

Event management is an ever-evolving and challenging industry. Therefore, future career prospects are huge. We at IIEM make the students learn to exhibit their best to the industry. You become a proficient event manager with extensive practical experience through various courses at IIEM. We believe that strong careers are built on a robust educational foundation. IIEM is having a prominent team of experts, who make you learn each key element of management. As a student at IIEM you learn to organise and bring life in the event in the best way.

2.Why choose IIEM for learning event management courses in Delhi?

IIEM offers an extensive range of event management courses with the precise curriculum defined for the respective courses. These courses include classroom programs and practical sessions through live events. Event management is a complex and challenging set of tasks. At IIEM we provide frequent practical event management sessions through live events. In this way, we enhance the skills and competency of students in a great way.

3.What are the advantages of pursuing event management courses at IIEM?

At IIEM we provide frequent practical event management sessions through live events. In this way, we enhance the skills and competency of students in a great way. Choose IIEM for pursuing event management based academic courses and make a strong career in the field of event management.

4.How IIEM is better event management institute in Delhi than other institutes?

IIEM offers a huge variety of courses for different event management requirements. It helps event management aspirants to find a suitable kind course easily. Meanwhile all other educational resources like faculty, library etc available equally to all.

Another major advantage of IIEM is the embedded practical knowledge with the event management courses because we know that the dynamic skills of event management can’t be totally learned from books and classroom programs. We provide practical sessions on a regular basis by giving our students to organise the live events.

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